Résumé of Thomas Greenleaf (last updated September 2012) 

View Thomas Grønneløv's profile on LinkedInThomas Alexander Grønneløv
Born 1974

Technical qualifications

Personal attributes

Parallel high performance computing Independent and self starting
Mathematical modelling Creative
Physical simulation Genuine interest in acquiring knowledge and understanding
Image analysis Willing and able to function as a team member
Artificial intelligence  



2008 - 2011: Computer science Masters Degree
Masters thesis : Particle-based simulation of snow drifting in an Eulerian wind field, grade 10.
An incomplete list of passed courses

2003 - 2008: Computer science, Bachelors Degree
Bachelor thesis : Procedural planetary landscapes with continuous level of detail, grade 12.
An incomplete list of passed courses

1995 - 1997: The AP Degree Programme in Computer Science (Datamatiker)
Vejle EDB-Skole (Not completed)

Computer science courses, and projects, relevant to my profile.  

Professional experience

2012 - now: Freelance software developer at Universe Sandbox
Currently working with implementing physical simulations for the new version of Universe Sandbox. Universe Sandbox is an astronomical simulator for education, visualization and fun.

  • C#
  • Physics and astronomy
  • Mathematical modelling
  • International work environment
  • C++
  • C++AMP
  • OpenCL

2012 January - 2012 May: Freelance consultant at Bruhn Newtech A/S
Working on a short term contract as a freelance consultant, where I am part of a Scrum team developing and maintaining software for the defense industry. The software is related to threat assessment of chemical, biological and nuclear events according to NATO standards.

  • C++ 
  • Scrum

2007 - 2012: Freelance software developer for  Danish Broadcasting DR 
Development and consulting. I designed and implemented a display server/graphics engine for Danish Broadcasting (DR) used to generate interactive graphics for a number of game shows on TV2, TV3 and DR as well as the X-Factor finale 2011 in HD.

  • Independent design and implementation of complex solutions 
  • Graphics programming using OpenGL, Managed DirectX and XNA
  • C++ 
  • C# 
  • Networking 
  • Real-time code 
  • Multithreading 

2007 - 2007: Game Engine Programmer at IO Interactive

I was part of small team tasked with incorporating the PhysX physics engine into the in-house game engine. 
End of employment : Resigned due to (too) long distance commuting. 

  • C++ 
  • Physics engine 
  • International work environment
  • PhysX

2003 - 2007: Freelance software developer
A number of different development and consulting jobs which were intermixed with my studies. For Notarius I designed and documented a differential compression scheme for remote backup. For Geograf I did various smaller jobs related to GIS (Geographic Information Systems). For CalNet, a US-based hosting company, I implemented some simple CGI-based security. For Flicco I designed and implemented a CAD render engine for continuous level of detail rendering of printed circuit boards.

  • Independent design and implementation of complex solutions
  • C#
  • C++
  • Network programming
  • Differential compression
  • Graphics programming with DirectX

2001 - 2003 Software developer at ViaVision
Participated in the implementation of large industrial computer vision systems.
My role was primarily GUI, data 
input/output and controlling the external industrial machinery performing measurements. 
End of employment : Company went bankrupt. 

  • C++ 
  • Win32 API 
  • Controlling external hardware 
  • Some computer vision 

2000 - 2001: Software developer at SatTrack A/S 

I developed software components to control mobile theft detection and tracking devices over a GSM link. 
End of employment : Company went bankrupt. 

  • C++ 
  • Delphi 
  • Controlling external hardware


1998 - 2000:  Software developer, Logos Design A/S  
I has various programming assignments which revolved around controlling external devices over RS232 or Ethernet as well as a low level code to read and write memory cards of the SLE4404 type.
End of employment : Was contacted and hired by SatTrack 

  • C++ 
  • Delphi 
  • Controlling external hardware 
  • Relational databases

Additional experience

As a supplement to the list of professional experience, I have a page dedicated to various projects I have undertaken in my own time. Lately I have begun to add academic projects as well as some freelance projects to the page. It can be found here.